Here follows explanations of the Three Cornerstones of Brown Bear Yoga/The Brown Bear Method.

Breathwork, Movement, Medicine – The Three pillars of Brown Bear Yoga, the Brown Bear Method.

First and Foremost Learning to Breathe correctly, learning different specific techniques to control our body mind and spirit through our Breath – Pranayam – Breathwork – Life Control.
We also do this in BBY through autonomous nervous system regulation, something that seems to correct the breath in itself,  over time.

I think it goes without saying – we all need to move our bodies. Our lymphatic system – our cleansing system – need the movement to circulate, and the body is generally made to thrive when it moves a fair bit – usually a fair bit more than most modern people actually move. The form of movement is also relevant – which is why i would actually promote what is called ”Natural Movement” as the optimal form of training for health.
This is also incorporated into Brown Bear Yoga indoors sessions to some extent, even though the main focus there is usually Breathwork and neurogenic tremoring alongside classic hatha , yin and nidra.

Grounding our body through intelligent drink and food choices – Let thy food be thy medicine.
Food and herbs, Eating FRESH AND LOCAL(main thing), Whole food, Organic Food and most importantly – Wild Food – is likely to heal a host of ailments for anyone getting into this atitude of allowing your consumtion to be medicinal.
When you eat what is edible to your species in your local wild enviroment – you are likely to boost your health greatly, and maybe even heal a dis-ease or two.
Plants and funghi as teachers, as they are likely older beings/species than ours, is another concept very dear to the ways of Brown Bear.

Brown Bear Yoga stems from Yogic practices and Rewilding.
The Brown Bear Diet as an idea, and Hibernation being the ultimate yogi skill as an idea, is at the core of the concept. The ultimate goal of yoga in the physical was immortality, or prolonging lifespan greatly. If the body is viewed as a machine – perhaps it is easier to see that the more you use it, the quicker it wears out. Yet it needs a set amount of movement and food intake to sustain optimally.
Conserving energy as much as possible – like in hibernation – as well as putting in the most pristine possible fuel – as when mimicking the Brown Bear Diet. These will be foundational to prolonging life.
See more on longevity below
These ideas relate to this.

The Brown Bear Diet –
Mimicking what a wild human would have done in this climate to prevent disease and optimize physical perfomance.
The Brown Bear likely being the closest animal to us in Swedish nature, digestion wise, and thus food choice wise. This it about 40-50% berries, 25% meat, 20% ants and 5-15% herbs and other random animals and things. Following it’s dietary choices seems to match up rather well with what a wild human would have done in Sweden.
This said – adapting to whatever climate one is in and stems from is key, as well as flowing with the seasons.

Hibernation –
Real Yogis were likely to have practiced Hibernation in varying degrees, the most extreme being the potential to put the body into hibernation so as to be able to not eat or drink for weeks – way beyond what is ordinarily believed possible.

”Real Yogis” – refering to Rishis, the wise men and women dwelling in wild nature channeling and documenting what came to be the original yogic sciences.